What mattress to choose? What to follow?

Thank you for your interest and your precious time, which you devote to getting acquainted with the NAP-KOMFORT offer. We are convinced that this will be the beginning of beneficial cooperation because:
– We are a Polish manufacturer of mattresses that you can buy directly from us, without intermediaries. We sell both on the domestic and foreign market.
– Thanks to the huge commitment and efforts of our team, we are constantly developing and coming out against the growing orders.
– The priority and our goal is the quality, precision and durability of our mattresses.
– We care about the attractiveness of prices. We want our rewards to be in line with your satisfaction.
– Your comfort at all levels is the most important for us. Every day we work to better match the offer to your needs.
– We also offer a wide range of covers that you can order for your mattress.
– We guarantee a secure transaction and clear and transparent purchasing procedures.

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Mattresses vary, both in material and elasticity. Certainly you have to adjust them to your needs so that it is comfortable and does not cause back pain. However, it all depends on individual preferences. You’d better read a few articles, think about it, think about your requirements, health problems and budget. Only then should we proceed with the purchase. Rather mattresses for matrimonial beds are recommended. Personally, I also recommend a foam mattress with a thermoelastic foam insert because thanks to the fact that it bends only in the pressure place you can easily share a bed with someone, on the other side you will not feel anything, and in addition, the mattress will adjust to the shape and temperature of the body. It always depends on whether you prefer to sleep on hard or soft. For example, I prefer hard mattresses, I do not like to sink into a mattress, I would personally choose hard, but it’s always a matter of taste.
It is best to follow the advice of a consultant professionally involved in the sale and selection of a mattress.

The mattress for the bed can not be too soft or too hard.

We often make a mistake and focus on very hard mattresses because they are good for the spine.

There is nothing worse than a too-hard mattress.

Imagine that we are lying on the side (statistically the most often sleeping) on ​​the floor. What happens then? The shoulder is oppressed, the hip is oppressed, and in the lumbar region we have free space – a hole. After a night spent in such conditions, we will certainly wake up broken with the memory of numbing hands and legs. The mattress should fit the body. It should serve us many years and provide not only sleep comfort but also the correct position of the body, so it is not worth saving on it.
The mattress should match the person, its weight and health. The offer can be found antiallergic or rehabilitation and with different hardness: H2, H3, H4.

H2 – We recommend people weighing up to 75 kg
H3 – We recommend people weighing from 75 to 100 kg
H4 – We recommend people over 100 kg

Choosing the right mattress hardness is very important, because the main function of the mattress is to provide adequate support for the spine, that is, to take natural curves in every position.

The most important thing is: do you have back problems?

If you do not have such a system, I think you can easily buy yourself medium hard or soft, and if, for example, you do not have a problem with the spine, but your other half can always buy a mattress on one side hard on the other medium hard . Napkomfort is a national mattress manufacturer and real professionals who, as it was in my case, gave me advice and helped me adjust to my needs and requirements from the Premium collection. It’s best to choose mattresses from factories in Poland and not from Romania, Slovakia or Italy, etc. Buy directly in specialized showrooms

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Choosing a mattress is a very individual matter.

If you like hard surfaces, choose a reinforcement with a coconut mat. What they like very soft mattresses will like the visco memory foam. When choosing my mattress, I paid attention to quality and on
health issues. I decided on the mattress of a Polish manufacturer who uses the pocket system. Thanks to him, I get up in the morning refreshed and without back pains. First of all, you need to be guided by your own convenience, without looking at the opinion of other users. It is not worth buying too hard or too soft mattress. Both in
Use may be uncomfortable in the long run.

When choosing a mattress for bed, quality should also be guided.

It is better to buy the original old technology than the counterfeit new one. One should be guided by quality and diligence of execution and above all convenience. Properly selected mattress hardness can do a lot. The types of mattresses are also quite a lot: coconut, pocket with separately packed springs, with latex or thermoelastic foam. That is why it is worth to consult the seller in the store before buying, which will help us choose the right mattress suited to our needs.

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Which mattress is the most suitable for an elderly person?

The most popular are pocket mattresses model with VISCO MEMORY thermoplastic foam with a hardness of H2 because they are soft, flexible and best fit to the body, keeping the spine in the optimal position. They do not compress the veins excessively or cause muscle cramps during rest.

The advantages of buying mattresses for bed in Napkomfort

For every dimension
Safe shopping
Quick delivery
Fast shipping
30 days for return
Professional help

Bed mattresses at a glance

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What mattress do you really need? What are the different models?

Standard, simple, comfortable and cheapest mattresses.
Highly flexible, well breathable.
Traditional, comfortable and durable.


Currently the most popular, perfectly fitting to the body, very durable.
Pocket mattresses also called under the names: pocket, pocket-sized, pocket-sized, pocket-sized, multipocket, luxpocketowe are a kind of spring mattresses. The individual cylindrical springs are in the pockets creating the so-called pocket system. Pockets in our mattresses are made of springs made of high quality wire of varying hardness depending on the zone. The springs are placed in separate material pockets made of cotton or fleece – polypropylene fabric. As a result, unwanted sounds are eliminated. Pockets form a multi-zone system that provides independent point elasticity. Each of the springs bends separately and adjusts individually to the pressure of our body. What’s more, when we sleep together, we will not feel the partner’s bustle together. For this reason, this type of mattress is highly recommended to couples. This type of solution provides a very high sleeping comfort, because it allows the spine to take on a natural shape. The pocket mattress can also be used by people with postural defects as well as degenerative changes in the spine and limb joints or from rheumatic joint disorders.

Pocket mattresses for 27 sq m contain 272 springs
Multipocket mattresses – for 1m2 contain 508 springs
Luxpocket mattresses – for 1m2 contain 1000 springs

Mattress hardness for bed: H2, H3, H4.

H2 – We recommend people weighing up to 75 kg
H3 – We recommend people weighing from 75 to 100 kg
H4 – We recommend people over 100 kg

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